Batam Island is a popular tropical holiday destination in South East Asia. Of all holiday types, arguably the most appealing are the tropical island holidays. They conjure up images of warm weather, sunshine, sandy beaches, coconut palms and friendly people.

An island lifestyle that is envied by those in colder climates, Batam Island has plenty to offer the vacationer

No matter what your budget, an island escape in Batam is within reach

Batam Island Beach

Batam Island Beach

All the pages contained in this site are updated regularly so they will provide you, the tourist, expatriate or business traveler with the most detailed information to help your stay in Batam be more enjoyable and a memorable experience!

Latest Batam News Batam is a unique and special island, with many attractions to fill in your time here. I have provided you with lots of useful advice, details & tips about selected accommodation and restaurants, golfing, getting out & about plus information about shopping, spas and beauty clinics, therapeutic and sports massage, and various other activities

Batam Island Golf Course

Batam Island Golf Course

Like to spend your days lying on the beach, swimming and soaking up the sun? How about doing a few laps at the Cable Water Ski Park, or pitting your skills with your friends at Batam’s only Go Kart race track Step 1 Go Kart Circuit

Batam Spa

Batam Spa

Enjoy sipping on a refreshing beverage at a beach side restaurant or prefer the hustle & bustle of the busy night market hawker food stalls? Or maybe you’d prefer to experience fine dinning at some of Batam’s best 5 star restaurants? Whatever your taste you will be able to find plenty of information to cater to your needs right here!

For the expatriate or business traveler, there is plenty of detailed information on Batam business essentials, such as hotel rates, Batam visa requirements, local customs & language, car rental, currency, souvenirs for the family, plus lot’s more!

Batam Island Map

Batam Island Location Map

Batam Island is situated just 40 kms south of Singapore and can be easily reached by Ferry Boat from Singapore and Malaysia as well as being serviced by a domestic airport from other Indonesian locations, making it one of the most accessible islands in the South East Asia region.

So, what are you waiting for! Read on and then you’ll be ready to pack your bags and come on over!

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Plenty of photos of some Batam sexy girls! All the Batam pubs and bars have sexy bar girl’s, who are always ready to serve you a refreshing drink and keep you entertained!
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Bintan Island
Bintan Island is located close to Batam and is about 1 hour by ferry from Singapore. The island is packed with great Bintan Resorts and beaches, as well as …
Bintan Island Map
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Batam Bintan Ferry
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Riau Islands
The Riau Islands remain a sleepy backwater ideal for leisurely exploration of an old fashioned island way of life that is rapidly vanishing…
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