There are some nice Batam beaches around Batam, where you can swim or enjoy water sports activities.

Batam Beaches – Nongsa Area

Nongsa is located on the north eastern side of Batam, and boasts Batam’s best beaches. There are good swimming beaches at Nongsa Point Marina and Resort and at Turi Beach Resort. These are close to the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. You can refer to this Batam Island map for location details.

Nongsa Point Marina Beach Batam

Nongsa Point Marina Beach

At Nongsa there is a hotel, so if you are staying there they have some good beaches to enjoy. Water sports activities include parasailing, banana boat rides, snorkeling around the reefs. You can also take a walk along the walking trail that runs along the beach line around the bay to Turi beach.

Turi Beach Resort Batam

Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach Resort is located just next to Nongsa Marina, and it also has very good beaches for swimming, as well as various water sports activities. Fishing trips can also be booked from the resort.

Batam View Beach

Batam View Beach

Batam View Beach Resort is located on the beach and has a good sheltered swimming beach, that is ideal for children. The resort has accommodation and offers plenty of water sports for those that like a bit of adventure!

Batam Beaches – Waterfront City Area

Around the Waterfront City area of Batam, located on the western side of Batam Island, there is one beach that offers several water sports activities, such as parasailing, banana boat rides and paddle boats. The beach is ok for swimming, and as it is in a very sheltered bay, it is safe for children. The beach is within a few hundred meters walking distance from the Harris hotel and about a 15 minute walk (or 5 minutes by taxi) from the Holiday Inn hotel.

Parasailing at Waterfront City Beach

Parasailing at Waterfront City Beach

Batam Beaches – Barelang Islands Area

The Barelang Islands are located south of Batam. They consist of 6 islands joined to Batam Island by 6 bridges. It is about a 1 hour journey by car or taxi down to the islands. From the bridges there are some great opportunities for taking photos, as they make great vantage points for viewing the surrounding ocean and the numerous islands. There are lots of beaches along the shore lines around the 6 islands, some have facilities at the beach, such as change rooms / toilets and restaurants, and some are just secluded beaches off the beaten track, offering the visitor the chance to be away from the weekend crowds. Some of the beaches are Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sands Beach), Pantai Melayu (Melayu Beach) and Memory Hill Beach.

Barelang Island Beach

Barelang Island Beach

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