Batam Bintan Ferry

The Batam Bintan Ferry is a RORO type (Roll On Roll Off), so you can drive your vehicle into the ferry and drive off at your destination. The Batam to Bintan ferry goes from Telaga Punggur Sea Port, Batam Island, to Tanjung Uban on Bintan Island.

This detailed map of Batam Island and detailed map of Bintan Island will help you to locate where the ferry terminals are.

The ferry service has been improved recently. Previously, the arrival and departure schedule for the Batam to Bintan ferry or the Bintan to Batam ferry was only twice in a week.

The new departure schedule is twice a day

Batam to Bintan Ferry Schedule

  • Tanjung Uban to Batam: 8.00am
  • Batam to Tanjung Uban: 10.00am
  • Tanjung Uban to Batam: 1.00pm
  • Batam to Tanjung Uban: 4.00pm
Travel time is approximately 1 hour – times may be subject to change, so please check with the ferry ticket office when planning your trip

Batam to Bintan Ferry Tickets

Tickets can be bought from ticket counters that are available at the Telaga Punggur Ferry Terminal, Batam Island, and at Tanjung Uban Ferry Terminal, Bintan Island.

Ticket prices are as follows (these prices are for one way, return is twice the below prices):

  • Motorbike: Rp24,000
  • Car: Rp173,500
  • Truck: Rp272,500
  • Adults: Rp14,500
  • Children: Rp11,500
So for a car with 2 adults one way is Rp202,500, two way is Rp405,000

Prices include insurance, so all travelers who use the Batam Bintan ferry together with their vehicles are protected by insurance from Jasa Raharja. Prices may be subject to change, so please check with the ferry ticket office when planning your trip

There is seating onboard, once you have parked your vehicle, you go to the upper enclosed deck, where there is plenty of seating for passengers, as well as toilets available.

Batam Bintan Ferry

You can also take your own food onboard the Batam Bintan ferry, and it is also allowed to take food and any other things you may need, for your journey, between the two Islands, with no restrictions. There are some restrictions on the type of cars that can go across, for example pickups are not allowed, for some reason, but most cars and motorbikes are allowed. ID will need to be shown when traveling across, so the authorities know that you intend on bringing the vehicle back again, and are not trying to smuggle it into one of the Islands illegally. Apart from that there are no other problems with travel between the two Islands. Some planning may be required, and you need to decide if you want to drive yourself or, if you don’t have your own vehicle, rent a car with a driver. It doesn’t cost much more and may be worth while if the driver has lots of local knowledge about the Island that you are visiting.

If you need any accommodation during your stay in Bintan, you can find a list of good Bintan Island Resorts and Hotels here.

Bintan Island is a great place for traveling around by car or motorbike, cars and motorbikes can be rented in Batam and taken across by ferry to Bintan (confirm this with the rental company first). Rental cars can be found at Batam car rental

Batam Bintan Ferry

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