Below is a list of Batam facts; useful information that can assist you when you’re planning a holiday or trip to Batam Island.

Batam Facts Sheet


As Batam is located approximately 1 degree north of the equator, it is a tropical environment, with a year round temperature range of 24 deg C to 33 deg C (75 deg F to 92 deg F). The monsoon season is from November through to February, during which time it can rain quite heavily on an almost daily basis. The weather is very humid, so it can take some getting used to if you are from a cooler climate.


The main language spoken on Batam is “Bahasa Indonesian” or Indonesian language. English is also widely spoken, so you should have no problems being understood, as most taxi drivers, hotel staff, restaurant staff, etc, can speak English very well. Several Chinese dialects are also spoken, as there is a number of ethnic Chinese living in Batam.

Time Zone

Batam time is UTC / GMT + 7 hours or EST - 11 hours. It is minus one hour difference to Singapore time. Currently Batam does not have Daylight Saving.

Population & Topography

Batam’s population is currently around 920,000, of which approximately 86% are Indonesian, and 13% ethnic Chinese. The remaining 1% is made up of expatriates from various countries from around the world. Batam is a fairly low-lying island, with only a few large hills; it does not have any mountains as in other parts of Indonesia. It has a few rivers and several man-made lakes, which are used for town water supply. Batam covers an area of 415 square km (160 sq miles). Refer to this Batam Island map for details.

Electricity Supply Voltage

The electricity supply voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz single phase power. The plugs and sockets used are 2 pin or 3 pin, and use the British standard of plug. Plug and socket adaptors are readily available in shops, you can get multi-combination plug adaptors which will take almost all types of plugs from the many different standards across the world. If you have appliances from the USA (which use 110 volts) you may need to purchase a small transformer adaptor to use here.

2 Pin Plug
2 Pin Plug
3 Pin Plug
3 Pin Plug
3 Pin Socket Outlet
3 Pin Socket Outlet
Combination Plug Adaptor
Combination Plug Adaptor


The currency used in Batam is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and is commonly abbreviated to Rp. It comes in notes of Rp1,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000 and Rp100,000. Singapore dollars (SGD) and United States dollars (USD) are also widely accepted in many of the hotels, shops and restaurants. Money changers, banks and hotels can exchange foreign currency for Rupiah, you usually get the best rate from the money changers. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants in Batam.

Telephone Area Code Numbers / Cell Phones

The Country code for Indonesia is 62 and the area code for Batam is 778. Therefore if you are calling to Batam from another country you would dial as in this example:

001 62 778 123 456

If calling from within Batam to a Batam phone number you only need to dial the number as in this example:

123 456

Cell phones are very common in Batam; here they are called a “hand phone” or simply “hp”. You can purchase a pre-paid SIM card for your hand phone so you do not need to pay expensive roaming charges. The card can be topped up by buying pre-paid phone cards in denominations of Rp50,000 or Rp100,000. Simply follow the instructions on the card (it is written in English and Indonesian) to top up your credit. When calling from a hand phone to another hand phone you need to include the country code as in this example:

+62 812 1234 5678

or when calling from a hand phone to a land line phone you need to include the country code and area code as in this example:

+62 778 123 456

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