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BBQ Chicken in Batam
BBQ chicken cooked in one of many of Batam’s restaurants, it is a favorite with locals
Chilli Crabs Batam
Fresh Chilli Crabs from a seafood restaurant, in Batam
Cooked Prawns in Batam
Prawns from one of the many live seafood restaurants in Batam
Gado Gado in Batam
Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian dish of mixed vegetables
Golden Prawn Restaurant Batam
The Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant is a popular spot for visitors and locals in Batam
Golden Prawn Restaurant Batam
The is plenty of seating available at the Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant, built out over the sea
Golden Prawn Restaurant Batam
The Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant has live seafood for you to choose and it will be cooked to your liking
Nagoya Food Court Batam
The Nagoya Food Court is an outdoor food court located in Nagoya, Batam’s main city
Oysters in Batam
Oysters are a popular dish at many of Batam’s seafood restaurants
Seafood Soup in Batam
Different types of Seafood Soup are avilable in many of Batam’s restaurants and is popular with locals
Pondok Kelapa Gading Restaurant Batam
The Pondok Kelapa Gading Restaurant is a traditional Indonesian style restaurant in Nagoya, Batam
Prawn Sambal in Batam
Prawn Sambal is a dish of spicy cooked prawns available from many seafood restaurants in Batam
Seafood Restaurant in Batam
Various types of live seafood in fish tanks, on display at on of Batam's seafood restaurants
Golden Prawn Restaurant Batam
There are many Seaside Restaurants around the Batam coastline, offering a variety of dishes
Siput Gonggong Batam
Siput Gonggong, a type of seashell, is a popular dish in many seafood restaurants in Batam

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