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Riau Islands Map
A Map of the Riau Islands Archipelago, showing the two biggest islands Lingga Island and Singkep Island, the latter being the main island of this archipelago
Singkep Island Ferry
The Singkep Island ferry getting ready to depart from Tanjung Pinang, on Bintan Island. It is about a 4 hour ferry ride to Singkep Island, via Cempah Island
Cempah Island Ferry in the Riau Islands
During the ferry ride to Singkep Island, there is a short stop over at Cempah Island. During the stop, you can spend some time admiring this beautiful coastal village
Lingga Island in the Riau Islands
Passing by Lingga Island on the way to Singkep Island. You can get speed boats from Jago Village in Singkep Island to take you across to Lingga Island
Singkep Island Ferry Terminal
”Ojeks” (motorcycle taxis) waiting for passengers to arrive at Singkep Island jetty. Taxis are also available to take you into the nearby town of Dabosingkep
Lingga Island Beach in the Riau Islands
One of the many beautiful beaches on Lingga Island. Due to the low number of tourists, the beaches are un-crowded and are great for swimming or snorkeling
Lingga Island Village in the Riau Islands
One of the many coastal villages on Lingga Island. Traditional wooden houses are on long stilts built over the water, and they are predominately fishing villages
Lingga Island Coastline by air
Aerial photo of the lovely Lingga Island coastline. Pristine, untouched and remote beaches surround the coast of Lingga Island, and are great for exploring by travelers
Riau Islands
You can fly to the Riau Islands by air, from Batam Island or Bintan Island to Singkep Island, and from there take speed boats to the neighboring islands
Lingga Island Malay Palace
Foundations of the Sultan’s Palace, can be found near Daik. The original buildings were burnt down when the Dutch deposed the Sultan at the turn of the century
Lingga Island Canons
Some 18th century canons have been found and placed pointing out to sea. You can imagine the old days when the Sultan’s navy were fighting the Dutch invaders
Lingga Island Mountains
At 1163 meters this is the highest mountain in the Riau Islands. Wild, unreachable 200 meter high waterfalls tumble down on several sides of the mountain
Daik Village in the Riau Islands
The main town of Lingga Island is the village of Daik next to a river. You can buy local handicrafts in Daik, and many villagers still live a traditional way of life
Singkep Island Beach in the Riau Islands
Because the Singkep Islands are so remote, some of the beautiful beaches with soft white sand and beautiful sea virtually remain untouched by humans
Lingga Island map
Lingga Island is the largest island in the Riau Islands, with the main village being Daik. Nearby attractions are Cening Hill Fort, Damnah Palace and Lingga Mountian
Singkep Island Penuba Village
This is an old fashioned picturesque little town on Selayar Island, which is very close to Singkep Island. From the top of a tower behind the town, you can get lovely views
Lingga Island Sunset in the Riau Islands
The sun setting over the Lingga Mountains makes for fantastic scenery. The remoteness of the Riau Islands adds to its charm and beauty
Riau Islands Ferry
The ferry traveling from Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, on its way to Singkep Island in the Riau Islands. It is about a 4 hour journey each way

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