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Kampung in Batam
One of the many traditional Kampung’s (village) in Batam
Kampung in Batam
Kampung Setoko on Setoko Island, part of the Barelang Islands, south of Batam
Kampung in Batam
Another Kampung over near Nongsa, on the north-eastern side of Batam
Beautiful Landscape in Batam
One of the many scenic views around Batam
Monkeys on Batam
Monkeys can quite often be seen on Batam, especially at Barelang Islands south of Batam
Nagoya Skyline at night, Batam
The Planet Holiday Hotel is 21 stories high and provides great views of Batam at night
Ocean View around Batam
View from the ferry going to Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Ocean View around Batam
One of the nice Bays along the Batam shoreline
Sailing by Batam
Traditional Indonesian wooden sailboat sailing near Barelang Islands
Sunset at Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Sunset over Batam Center Ferry Terminal
Tropical Forest in Batam
Thick tropical forest along Barelang Island’s shoreline, south of Batam
View of Singapore from Batam
Night time view of the Singapore skyline from one of Batam’s beaches
Seaside Kampung Batam
Traditional Indonesian Kampung (village) on Batam’s shoreline
Monkeys on Batam
Monkeys getting some shade, at Barelang Islands south of Batam
Sunset in Batam
The setting sun going down over the sea, at Batam

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