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Mega Mall at Batam Center
Mega Mall is located at Batam Center, next to Batam Center Ferry Terminal, and is a large shopping mall
Center Point Mall Batam
Center Point Mall is just one of many shopping malls in Nagoya, Batam, and has some good boutique shops
Center Point Mall Batam
Plenty of goods and shops on display at the Center Point Mall in Batam
BCS Mall Batam
Batam Center Square (BCS) is a large shopping center in Nagoya, Batam, and has lots of shops
BCS Mall Batam
Well decorated interior of the BCS Mall, one of many of Batam shopping malls
Fruit Market in Batam
Fruit Market in Nagoya, Batam, with plenty of fresh fruits offered for sale
Panbil Mall in Batam
Panbil Mall is near to Batam Center, and is one of many of Batam’s shopping malls
Robinson Mall Batam
Robinson Mall is in Nagoya, Batam and has several boutique and fashion shops
Megamall Batam
Mega Mall is in Batam Center, next to Batam Center Ferry Terminal and has a large Hypermart and plenty of shops

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