The range of Batam property for rent is quite extensive, so you will have a good selection and price range to choose from. When you rent a property, usually you are required to pay one years rent in advance, although sometimes you can negotiate shorter term rental leases such as 6 months. You may be required to pay a bond to cover electricity and water, again these can depend on the owner and how you negotiate the lease.

Properties for rent can range from small one bedroom / one bathroom houses that rent out at approximately SGD$75 to $100 month, up to 4 or 5 bedroom / 2 or 3 bathroom houses that can be up to SGD$3000 per month. On top of the rental costs you will also be required to pay for electricity, water, gas and telephone (if a phone is installed).

Batam property for rent is available to foreigners, as Indonesian laws and regulations relating to property rental allow for foreigners to sign rental leases in their name.

Some areas that houses for rent are available in is Sukajadi Housing Complex, Coastarina Housing Complex, Tiban Housing Complex, Anngrek Mas Housing Complex, Mediterranean Housing Complex, Villa Panbil Housing Complex and Nagoya city.

There are too numerous locations to list here, but below are some example photos of the types of houses that are available for rent and indicative monthly rental prices (all prices are in Singapore dollars – SGD$):


One or Two Bedroom / One Bathroom Houses

Batam Property Small Houses Complex
These are typical examples of small houses in Batam, approx 40 m2, with a rental price range of $75 to $200 per month, depending on house size
Batam Property Small Houses
New houses under construction, these are part of a housing complex, with houses built in rows, house sizes range from 36 m2 up to 60 m2

Three or Four Bedroom / One or Two bathroom Houses

Batam Property Panbil Villas
Houses such as these examples are part of a housing complex, which has a community swimming pool and recreation areas. The houses are 2 floors, with a rental price range of $1000 to $1500 per month
Batam Property Panbil Villa
An example of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, with 2 floors and a car parking area in front. This house is also built within a housing complex

Five Bedroom or more/ Two or Three bathroom Houses

Batam Property Sukajadi Houses
These larger 2 level houses, have covered car parking, large garden areas, and some have maids quarters, with a rental price range of $1500 to $2500 per month
Batam Property Sukajadi House
An example of a 5 bedroom house, with covered car parking, large bedrooms, maids quarters, entertaining areas and expansive gardens, rental price range starts from $3000 per month


In places such Nagoya and its surrounding suburbs, there are many Rukos (which is short for “Rumah Toko” and means Shop-House). These are usually 2 or 3 floors, with the ground floor being used as a shop or place of business, and the second and third floor being occupied by the owners of the shop, or their staff.

New units are generally bare inside and will require renovations to turn them into a shop, as well as renovating the other 2 floors, as they usually only have concrete floors (no ceramic tiles) and are un-furnished. They generally don’t have any kitchen area, so this needs to be made, and come with only one basic toilet / bathroom per floor.

You can also find units that have been previously occupied, and can represent a good bargain, as many of the renovations have already been done, such as kitchen areas, laundry area, and toilets and bathrooms have being made to a much better standard than the original set-up.

They may only need minor changes to the first floor to set it up as a shop or business, you should try and find a Ruko that was used previously for what you intend to use it for (such as retail shopping store / car repair / home maintenance, etc). This can save considerably on the up-front costs, and probably won’t be any more expensive for rent than empty un-renovated Rukos.

Two or Three Floor Shop-Houses

Batam Property Ruko 2 Floor
A 2 floor “Ruko”, they have steel sliding doors for security, access to second floor is from inside or through a rear door. Rental price range is from $300 to $700 per month
Batam Property Ruko
An example of 3 floor “Rukos” that are been used as shops and business, with the ground floor being renovated, and there is adequate parking out front for shoppers. These are located in Nagoya, Batam’s main city

The above are just some examples of Batam property for rent, to see more contact a real estate agent to arrange a property viewing.

* All prices are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice – please contact your real estate agent or the landlord for full details

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