Batam Property
The selection of Batam property that is available to choose from is quite extensive, so there is plenty of property that can be rented or is for sale. All across the island there are locations that have housing complexes, so you can choose a strategic location that can be close to shops, schools, beaches, golf courses or your place of employment or business.

Property is rented or sold through real estate agents or privately, depending on what the owner decides to do. Prices do vary, mainly according to location and size & type of property, age of property and its condition. You can usually bargain with the landlord or seller, and negotiate a good deal.

The rules for property ownership by foreign nationals in Batam fall under Decree No 068/KPTS/KA/III/1999. This regulation states that foreign nationals or companies are permitted to 100% own residential or commercial property in the Barelang area (Batam, Rempang and Galang). The only properties excluded from this decree are low cost housing, but includes all other types of building structures.

Batam Property for Rent

When you rent a property, usually you are required to pay one years rent in advance, although sometimes you can negotiate shorter term rental leases such as 6 months. You may be required to pay a bond to cover electricity and water, again these can depend on the owner and how you negotiate the lease.

Some areas that houses for rent are available in is Sukajadi Housing Complex, Coastarina Housing Complex, Tiban Housing Complex and Nagoya city.

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Batam Property for Sale

If you are planning on buying property in Batam, there are real estate agents that can show you available properties and make the purchase arrangements, such as title search, submitting documents to government departments and settlement. They can also assist in arranging financing if required, through banks or mortgage brokers.

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