The Harris Hotel Spa, called the “H Spa and Wellness Center” is in the Waterfront City area of Batam. The spa is located at the Harris Hotel and has several private body treatment rooms with beauty therapists. They also offer other treatments such as body scrub, massage and foot reflexology and have a Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool and sauna

The Waterfront City area is located on the north-western side of Batam. There are several hotels & resorts in the area, with many offering spa & beauty treatments.

The Harris Hotel Batam has accommodation available if you are planning to stay and enjoy a couple of days or more of spa treatments and relaxation. Check the current room rates at the Harris Hotel Batam

All Waterfront City Spa’s & Clinics are approximately the following distance from these locations:

  • 35 mins from Hang Nadim Airport
  • 20 mins from Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, Batu Ampar
  • 30 mins from Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Batam Center
  • 15 mins from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Sekupang
  • 5 mins from Waterfront City Ferry Terminal, Waterfront City
  • 45 mins from Nongsapura International Ferry Terminal, Nongsa
Package deals are available which can include ferry ticket from Singapore to Batam & return, accommodation at the resort (including breakfast), spa & beauty treatments, Batam City tourist spots & shopping tour with tour guide in an air-con coach and set lunch
  • General Info
    • The Harris Hotel Spa is open every day from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm. Spa & beauty treatments, body scrub, massage, foot reflexology, manicure & pedicure and cream baths are available

      For weekends, school & public holidays it can be very busy, as there are only a limited number of spa’s available, so it pays to pre-book or arrive at opening time.

      All linen & beauty items will be provided by the clinic & are included in the cost

      Indonesian & Singaporean currency is accepted at the clinic
  • Bookings / Rates
    • Bookings may be required, especially for weekends, school & public holidays. Various packages are available, check the website below for details

      For walk-in rates these are charged depending on the treatments required, usually they are based on a set amount of time to perform the treatment

      Bookings can be made by phone at the contact details below

Spa and Beauty Treatments

The Harris Hotel Spa has the following treatments available:

  • Shiatsu Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique. This massage will revitalize you and increase your energy level

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $50.00 / pax
  • Sports Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • Feel rejuvenated after a Sports massage! Good for active people and those who love sports, to relax your muscles and also stimulate them, and ease stiff joints and muscles

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $50.00 / pax
  • Indonesian Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • Indonesian massage is a full body relaxation massage, which combines the methods of Shiatsu, Sports and Swedish massage. This massage stimulates blood circulation and the relaxation of your body

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $50.00 / pax
  • Insomnia Aromatherapy Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • An Insomnia Aromatherapy massage will help you to overcome your sleep difficulty. Using specially blended aromatic oils, sleep will come much easier

      Oils used: Massage Oils, Aromatic Oils

      Single: SGD $70.00 / pax
  • De-Stressing Aromatherapy Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • De – Stressing Aromatherapy uses aromatic oils which will help you to overcome your stress

      Oils used: Massage Oils, Aromatic Oils

      Single: SGD $70.00 / pax
  • Romance and Sensual Aromatherapy Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • Feel fantastic after a Romance & Sensual Aromatherapy massage! The Masseuse uses aromatic oils to awaken your senses and arouse your nerves

      Oils used: Massage Oils, Aromatic Oils

      Single: SGD $70.00 / pax
  • Hot and Cold Massage (approx 90 mins)
    • Hot and cold massage is a massage technique to overcome stress, depression, frigidity, impotency, constipation, etc. This treatment is useful to accelerate blood circulation, metabolism, muscle relaxation and to tighten the skin

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $93.00 / pax
  • Traditional Chinese Massage (approx 60 mins)
    • Using traditional Chinese massage techniques, your body will thank you for treating it to a massage!

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $53.00 / pax
  • Bust Firming Massage (approx 30 mins)
    • Our Bust Firming Massage uses Indonesian spices and herb that will rejuvenate and firm up your bust
      * For ladies only.

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $63.00 / pax
  • Javanese Lulur Scrub (approx 60 mins)
    • Javanese Lulur Scrub uses traditional Indonesian creams and is very suitable for our tropical climate. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and cool

      Oils used: Massage Oils, Creams

      Single: SGD $83.00 / pax
  • Gehwol Foot Indulge (approx 60 mins)
    • Gehwol Foot Treatment can treat your feet problems, such as: feet cracks, skin fungus, warts, dried feet, sweaty feet, and painful nails. This German Product will revitalize your feet and make your next walk a pleasure

      Oils used: Feet Treatment Products

      Single: SGD $70.00 / pax
  • Foot Reflexology (approx 30 mins)
    • A popular Chinese massage, Foot Reflexology concentrates on the pressure points in the feet that are connected to other parts of your body to leave your feet feeling fresh and revitalized

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $30.00 / pax
  • Javanese Body Mask (approx 30 mins)
    • A Javanese Body Scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal smooth & glowing skin

      Oils used: Natural Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $45.00 / pax
  • Healing Aromatic Bath (approx 30 mins)
    • Helps to heal your body’s skin and to remove damaged skin cells. Will rejuvenate and make your skin fresher

      Oils used: Bath Oils

      Single: SGD $25.00 / pax
  • Kendedes Truly Japanese Treatment (approx 180 mins)
    • This treatment will make you feel more beautiful and your body refreshed. The products that are used in this treatment are formulated from special traditional Indonesian herbs and spices

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $147.00 / pax
  • H Sensations (approx 180 mins)
    • One of the Spa’s specialty experiences, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Single: SGD $185.00 / pax
      Couple: SGD $335.00 / couple
  • Honeymoon Ritual (approx 180 mins)
    • Be treated like Royalty when on your honeymoon and indulge useful in a his & hers massage!

      Oils used: Massage Oils

      Couple: SGD $350.00 / couple
  • Anti-Aging Spa (approx 150 mins)
    • An Anti-Aging Spa will help to slow down the effects of aging and will help to revitalize and refresh your body. The products used in this treatment are traditional oils

      Oils used: Massage Oils, Anti-Aging Creams

      Single: SGD $160.00 / pax
      Couple: SGD $295.00 / couple
* All prices may be subject to change without notice – please contact the Harris Hotel Spa for full details

Contact details for the Harris Hotel Spa are as follows:

Harris Hotel Spa
Waterfront City
Batam - Indonesia
Tel: (62) (778) 381 888
Fax: (62) (778) 381 142
Inquiries: sales@harris-batam.com

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