During you time in Batam or other parts of Indonesia, it can be very useful to learn Indonesian language, as it will certainly help you to communicate more effectively, and it is simple to learn!

Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia as it is more correctly called, is the language of Indonesia. It was first used by Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta to write the declaration of Indonesian Independence in August 1945. The language was a symbol of unity and nationalism, and was later adopted as the national language throughout Indonesia. There are, however, over 300 different languages spoken throughout Indonesia, so you will find nearly all Indonesian’s use their own local language, bahasa daerah, at home and Bahasa Indonesia when speaking with visitors. Most people you meet in Indonesia will speak Bahasa Indonesia very well.

Bahasa Indonesia is derived from Malay, which was used for many centuries as the language of traders who plied the Indonesian archipelago.

One of the best aspects when you learn Indonesian language is if you are traveling in Indonesia, any attempt at speaking the language will be greeted with enthusiasm.
What is important and appreciated is your attempt, rather than your ability. You should be able to pick up a reasonable ability to communicate after only a few weeks’ stay in Indonesia, and get a great deal of satisfaction from doing so.

Bahasa Indonesia (literally “Language of Indonesia”) is an easy language to learn for the purpose of everyday communication. However, to be able to read and write Bahasa Indonesia well can take a lot of study, because of the use of complex grammar which is not used in everyday speech. So it may take some time before you can read an Indonesian newspaper!
Everyday speech is a very simplified form of the language, which is great for beginners, so you should be able to start picking up a few words or phrases in no time.

So, read on and you will learn Indonesian language and be speaking like a ‘local’ in no time!



* Vowels
* Consonants

* Word Order
* Verbs
* Adjectives
* Pronouns
* Questions
* Negation
* Plurals
* Adverbs
* Comparisons
* Conjunctions

Greetings and Civilities
* Greetings
* Civilities
* Forms of Address
* Body Language

Small Talk
* Meeting People
* Nationalities
* Age
* Occupations
* Religion
* Family
* Feelings
* Language Problems
* Interests
* Some Useful Phrases

Getting Around
* Finding Your Way
* Directions
* Airplane
* Bus
* Train
* Taxi
* Car
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

* Finding Accommodation
* At the Hotel
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

Around Town
* At the Post Office
* Telephone
* At the Bank
* Sightseeing
* Bureaucracy
* Forms
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

In the Country
* Directions
* Weather
* Geographical Terms
* Plants & Agriculture
* Animals & Birds
* Insects
* Outdoor Activities
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

* At the Restaurant
* At the Market
* Meals
* Meat
* Fruit & Nuts
* Vegetables
* Staples
* Snacks
* Spices & Condiments
* Seafood
* Drinks
* Cooking Methods
* Special Dishes
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

* Useful Shops & Items
* Bargaining
* Souvenirs
* Clothing
* Materials
* Stationary / Publications
* Toiletries
* Photography
* Smoking
* Weights & Measures
* Sizes & Comparisons
* Colors
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

* At the Doctor
* At the Chemist
* At the Dentist
* Aliments
* Parts of the Body
* Medicine
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

Time and Dates
* Telling the Time
* Days of the Week
* Months
* Dates
* Some Useful Phrases
* Some Useful Words

Numbers and Amounts
* Cardinal Numbers
* Fractions
* Ordinal Numbers
* Quantity

* Emergencies

English to Indonesian Index
* Index

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