Other Batam attractions to explore includes Kampung Jabi, Cetya Tri Darma Pagoda as well the Japanese Cemetery – an ancient burial yard – and Tumenggung Abdul Jamal's Tomb.

Melayu Dancers performing in Batam

Throughout Batam Island, visitors can experience a range of traditional folk dancing and music, handed down from generation to generation. Experience the beats of the Kompang and the Rebana (shallow drums), and performances like the Zapin Dance, Joget, Lukah Gila, Joget Dangkung, Jogi Dance, Gyro Bowl, Congkak Jong. There are also shows at the Mak Yong Sampan Kolek Theater as well as Traditional Sonnet, Poetry and Gurindam Readings.

In Jodoh, Nagoya, you can go to Tanjung Uma, the oldest village in Batam, reported to be about a century old. It is a fishing village with houses built on stilts over the water.

Batam Diving

Batam Diving

Batam diving is another great activity for tourists to try. Islands, coral reefs, underwater life and wrecks are all part of what Batam’s waters have to offer. It has been estimated that there should be more than 100 wrecks in the region but thus far only a handful have been discovered – a challenge for any underwater explorer.

At Batam View Beach Resort, a diving team, Dive Riau has established their headquarters. They provide visitors an underwater experience of a lifetime. Dive Riau already have their own shop for purchases, testing, service and repairs of diving equipment. The Batam View Beach Resort is located in the Nongsa Coast region, just 10 minutes from the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

Dive Riau conducts fully accredited PADI and IANTD dive training courses and offers the only IANTD enriched oxygen technical diving facility in the area

Interact with Dolphins at Dolphin Lodge

Dolphin Lodge Batam

Dolphin Lodge is a Dolphin care centre which also gives a chance for people to interact with dolphins. There are only 5 places in the world which have this kind of facility available to the public, so it certainly is a remarkable experience.

You can interact with the dolphins by performing these activities:

  • Swim around and having great fun with the dolphins
  • Feeding the dolphins with your own hands
  • Listening to the dolphins sing
  • Playing hoops and ball games with the dolphins
  • Seeing jumping tricks performed by the dolphins
  • Perform dances with the dolphins
  • Cuddling and caressing the dolphins
  • And even having a first kiss with the dolphins

Dolphins batam

The program also includes a full briefing on the dolphins and how we should interact with them. Also some information on how the dolphins are looked after in the Dolphin Lodge. The interaction will be supervised by one or two expert dolphin trainers, and visitors will be using a life jacket throughout the program.

The program also provides you with a buffet lunch, and after the lunch you may choose to relax at the beach or in a nearby hammock, or you may also continue your wonderful experience accompanied by the dolphins. After lunch you will have a second session with a different pair of dolphins again under the strict supervision of a trainer.

Please Note:

  • Participants must be 1.35m of height and aged 10 years and above to participate in full dolphin interaction.
  • Partial interaction will be allowed for participants below requirements.
  • Pregnant women will not be allowed to interact with the dolphins. This is to ensure the safety of our clients and the dolphins.
  • Dolphin lodge has a maximum capacity of 22 visitors per day.

The full package program will cost around SGD$145 per person. (Please note this price excludes seaport taxes and service charge of SGD$20 per person).

Belakang Padang Island

Belakang Padang Island Travel

For a feel of Malay culture, take a boat next to Sekupang International Ferry Terminal to Belakang Padang Island. Travel around the Island on Ojeks (motorcycle taxi) and rickshaws. There is a small guesthouse if you want to stay for a night there.

Belakang Padang Island Boat

Belakang Padang Island

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