The Tempat Senang Spa Villa is in the Sekupang area of Batam. The spa has several private body treatment rooms with beauty therapists, and with sauna, spa, mud baths, and Turkish fish spa. They also offer other treatments such as body scrub, massage, foot reflexology, manicure & pedicure.

The Sekupang area is located on the north-western side of Batam. There are several hotels & resorts in the area, with many offering spa & beauty treatments

All Sekupang Spa’s & Clinics are approximately the following distance from these locations:

  • 35 mins from Hang Nadim Airport
  • 20 mins from Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, Batu Ampar
  • 25 mins from Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Batam Center
  • 5 mins from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Sekupang
  • 10 mins from Waterfront City Ferry Terminal, Waterfront City
  • 45 mins from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Nongsa
Package deals are available which can include ferry ticket from Singapore to Batam & return, accommodation at the resort (including breakfast), spa & beauty treatments
  • General Info
    • The Tempat Senang Spa Villa is open every day from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm. Spa & beauty treatments, mud baths, body scrub, hot stone & traditional massage, foot reflexology, manicure & pedicure and cream baths are available. They also offer a Turkish fish spa where small fish will eat away the dead skin from your body while you soak in the spa

      For weekends, school & public holidays it can be very busy, as there are only a limited number of spa’s available, so it pays to pre-book or arrive at opening time.

      All linen & beauty items will be provided by the clinic & are included in the cost

      Indonesian & Singaporean currency is accepted at the clinic, as well as credit cards
  • Bookings / Rates
    • Bookings may be required, especially for weekends, school & public holidays. Various packages are available, check the website below for details

      For walk-in rates these are charged depending on the treatments required, usually they are based on a set amount of time to perform the treatment

      Bookings can be made by phone or email at the contact details below

Spa and Beauty Treatments:

The Tempat Senang Spa Villa has the following treatments available:

  • Aroma Therapy Massage
    • Massage is an ancient method for energizing, healing and relaxing. Improves mental alertness and mood, assists the immune system, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

      Oils used: Massage Oils
  • Hot Stone Massage
    • The deep penetrating effect of the hot stones will sooth and relax your tired muscles, allowing for a deeper massage experience.

      Oils used: Massage Oils
  • Thai Massage
    • Thai massage originated in India and is based on a style of yoga. The technique combines massage with yoga-like positions during the course of the massage with emphasis on stretching. No oil is used and the body is clothed.

      Oils used: None
  • Traditional Massage
    • Indonesian Traditional Massage is an ancient system of healing which relies upon deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue and promote harmony of body, mind and soul.

      Oils used: Massage Oils
  • Mineral Clay Therapy / Mud Bath
    • Mineral Clay Therapy is a Detox therapy, which has become extremely popular. Mineral Clay Therapy is a relatively simple alternative therapy, which tends to help relax muscles, soothe aches, improve blood circulation and smoothen the skin

      Oils used: Clay, Oils
  • Citrus Salt Glow Scrub
    • Sea salt brings a healthy glow to dull skin, while the lemon and grapefruit essential oils act as an antioxidant
      * Not recommended for sensitive skin

      Oils used: Lemon & Grapefruit Oils, Sea Salt
  • Coffee and Rice Powder Scrub
    • Coffee improves lymphatic drainage which helps remove toxins from the body. Coffee helps to redistribute fat cells preventing cellulite. The rice powder and essential oils gently polish the skin.

      Oils used: Essential Oils, Coffee / Rice Powder
  • Cinnamon Scrub
    • The hot tingly sensation helps in stimulating your circulation & relieving muscle aches and joint pains

      Oils used: Cinnamon Oils
  • Anti Stress Scrub
    • Combining a floral blend of geranium and lavender oils, this will calm you down while the tropical sugar exfoliates and help rejuvenate your skin tissue

      Oils used: Floral Oils
  • Body Wraps
    • Body Wraps are great for anyone who wants to improve tone and tighten the look and texture of their skin. Wraps offer other therapeutic effects for those who experience joint pain and inflammation.

      Oils used: Therapeutic Oils
  • Balinese Boreh / Lulur
    • Warms the body and improves blood circulation. Relieves muscular pains and rheumatism. Your choice of hot, medium or mild heat
      * Note: the hotter the greater the benefits

      Oils used: Essential Oils, Massage Oils
  • Fish Spa
    • Exfoliate your feet with Turkish Spa Fish. Allow 100 fish to nibble away the dead skin on your feet. These little guys work hard at giving you the smoothest feet possible. Not for those who are ticklish! This treatment is exclusive to Tempat Senang Spa Villa

      Oils used: None
  • Carrot and Yoghurt Facial
    • Nourishes the skin: High in vitamin A and C. The yoghurt lends a smooth, healthy and fresh completion
      * For normal to oily skin

      Oils used: Facial Creams
  • Papaya Oatmeal Honey Facial
    • High in vitamin C & E, papaya has an enzyme that helps exfoliate and smooth the complexion. While the papaya infuses vitamins, the oatmeal soothes dry and even itchy skin. The honey heals blemishes and is antiseptic
      * For normal skin

      Oils used: Facial Creams
  • Honey, Oatmeal and Yoghurt Facial
    • For years the value of honey and yogurt for beauty treatment has been well known. Honey contains natural antibiotics clearing up the skin and the yoghurt leaves it smooth
      * For normal to oily skin

      Oils used: Facial Creams
  • Aspirin Green Tea Mask
    • Great for acne. The green tea helps tighten and firm the skin while the salicylic acid in the aspirin fights blemishes and acne
      * For stressed out skin

      Oils used: Green Tea Mask
* Please contact the Spa for prices & full details

Contact details for the Tempat Senang Spa Villa are as follows:

Tempat Senang Spa Villa
Jalan Kolonel Suglono – Sekupang
Batam - Indonesia
Tel: (62) (778) 325 616

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